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this file was begun before the Google age, sorry if some of the old url's are broken

Books and journals

The Electronic Library of science

IOP: Electronic Journals, Institute of Physics, Europe
IOP: Books published by the Institute of Physics, Europe

General sites for Springer: Springer Berlin-Heidelberg (science electronic journals), Springer London, Springer New York
More specific Springer sites: journal preview, new publications, catalogs, TeX macros

Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Libraries, catalogues, reference

web search and guides


The American Physical Society APS's European mirror

AIP: articles in physics

PhysDep - European Physics Departments

Archive: Mathematical Physics

Atomic Physics on Internet

Gordon Research Conferences on many subjects and physics among them

MaSiE: Mechanics and Symmetry in Europe, EU network 2000-2004

theoretical atomic physics group of John Delos, Williamsburg, Virginia

Atomic, Molecular and Positron Physics, Jonathan Tennnyson, University College London, UK


big numbers: Zeta, Bernouilli, Cantalan, Fibonacci, Mersenne

Elementary topology courses

SIAM Journals


HP contacts and support
Need Sun or HP Unix kit? get it from John G.Burns B.Eng, Bonny Scotland (john@unixnerd.demon.co.uk)

IBM pc site and online shop

check prices here before you buy/sell second hand

extensive Linux laptop information

Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

Linux Hardware Database

PC hardware stuff

HwB: The Hardware Book and other
WWW hardware Links

Computer Information Centre (CompInfo) look for no vintage stuff here ...

Lots of PC advice on Tomi Engdahl's home page and
PC hardware pages
Connectic Systems - Le Specialiste de la Connectique Micro-Informatique


Yahoo! USA ...:Modems
Yahoo! France - Commerce et économie:Sociétés:Informatique:Matériel:Périphériques:Modems


Dead ARCHIE service:   gateway to locate files on Anonymous FTP

SourceForge: Software Map

FAQTS - Knowledge Base

MARC: Mailing list ARChives at AIMS

X window system

official distribution site for X11
official FVWM Homepage FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager for X11 created by Robert Nation, derived originally from twm code.
The XFree86 Project

PostScript and friends ...

some PostScript net resources and a recent compilation of resources

Richard's PS Junk Page

TeX and friends ...

The UK TeX Archive (CTAN) Web pages

xdvi and gsftopk by Pavel Vojta, Berkeley, Ca

Numerical methods ...

Sources (mostly FORTRAN) from netlib
guide to scientific and numerical software
nist guide on computing resources

Maple and computer algebra ...

Home page of Waterloo Maple and the directory of /pub/maple
known public domain Packages in Maple, also guides at the French Maple site
Computer algebra sources/web guide: CAIN Home Page, the Netherlands

Images and computer graphics ...

POV-Ray: 3D image drawing package and Maple to povray conversion m2p Homepage

Image decoding and processing

The Mesa 3-D graphics library

Gnuplot and its x11 interface Xgfe (X11 GUI)

Diverse software

USTL on site licence policy/description

Serial, SLIP, PPP

Public domain PPP? PPP faq from comp.protocols.ppp

C-Kermit 6.0m at Columbia University

Web related ...


Netscape tech support
Galeon browser: the web, only the web
NCSA Mosaic Home Page
NCSA HTTPd Overview

html manuals and related documentation

Official HTML Reference Manual
W3C HTML Validation Service
A local Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Special Characters and ISO Latin-1 Characters
Mime Documentation
HyperLaTeX manual and package (seems to be a bit outdated?)

utilities, graphics

GIF Animation on the WWW
Smaller GIF Animations
HotScripts: shell, perl, python, java, javascript ...
various javascript examples


TRAVEL - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information Virtual Tourist II - Europe
The Webfoot's Guide to France
To know more about France
Currency converter
Up-to-date exchange rates.


Map-Related Web Sites
Canadian National Atlas Service
La France
Country maps from W3 servers in Europe


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