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unofficial Linux logo by Larry Ewing Linux, a hacker's playground
NB: some of this may not be up to date
Linus Torvalds says Linux
General documentation, sites francophones
Linux on Toshiba laptops
Kernel and system software
Sound & MIDI, music production

Documentation, HOWTO's

LDP: LINUX documentation project and mirror at
Linux Online - Documentation
Linux HeadQuarters
Linux newbie: learn linux
The Slackware Linux Project boot logo
The Linux Kernel Archives
hp linux site
principaux sites francophones: linux-france, freenix, Lea, et kheops
Linux62 Boulogne-sur-Mer dans Pas-de-Calais
archives des groupes francophones


extensive Linux laptop information
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
Linux Hardware Database: Affiliates
Printer Compatibility Database
Linux & mobile (cellular, smart) phones
gsm, Linux, and Siemens mobile phones: S55, SCMxx and bluetooth
Thin clients: LTSP project, Diskless Workstation (US), linutop (FR), Linux/Windows setup in schools


The Slackware Linux Project package browser
hp linux site
RPM documentation: Maximum RPM book by Ed. C. Bailey

System software under Linux/Unix

The Linux Kernel Archives
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
Linux, mgetty & AutoPPP.
Linux USB project guide book: The Linux USB sub-system


OpenSSL: The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS
GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard)


Printing under Linux Printer Compatibility Database
HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project HP Linux Imaging and Printing
Linux USB project guide book: The Linux USB sub-system

Sound & MIDI, multimedia

manuals and documentation Sound & Sound playing HOWTO
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
The Linux Midi + Sound Pages Various sound-card and MIDI related links specifically aimed at Linux.
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux or similar site A quite comprhensive list of MIDI and Sound applications and drivers
Open Sound System (tm) (OSS) OSS free home page (formerly "voxware", "USSlite", etc)
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) project The next generation sound-driver for Linux?
Welcome to Midiman!
George's Unit Cube - The MIDI Axis
MythTV is a homebrew PVR project

Linux on Toshiba laptops

Linux on Laptops
Toshiba Linux Utilities (Jonathan Buzzard)
MobiliX: Linux on a Toshiba Tecra 550CDT (Draft)
Linux for Toshiba PCs